Spring lambs milk Katie’s kindness

Katie Cowell feeding the lambs with her milk bottles at Felbrigg Hall Farm.

Katie Cowell feeding the lambs with her milk bottles at Felbrigg Hall Farm. - Credit: Archant

When trying to wean two year old Katie Cowell off the bottle mum Laura realised she might need some careful shepherding.

After proving a tougher task than she had baaagained for Mrs Cowell suggested the toddler might like to give her feeding bottles to some new born lambs.

The idea worked a treat and Katie was delighted to take her bottles to the baby 'ba-bas' during the Easter lambing weekend Felbrigg Hall Farm, near Cromer.

Katie had even written a letter for the lambs offering them her 'botbots' as she was now drinking her milk from a 'big girl cup.'

A delighted Katie helped feed one of the orphan lambs with farmer Graham Williams. Mrs Cowell said: 'I told Katie how baby lambs did not have bottles and she said I will give them my bot bot. So we said we would go to the farm and hoped we could feed one of the lambs there.

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'It was planting a seed and there were no tears without her bottles the next day.

'The people at the farm were lovely and agreed to play along with us so Katie could leave the bottles with the lambs.'

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The family farm, which is part of the National Trust's Felbrigg Hall estate, has welcomed hundreds of baby lambs including two sets of quads.

Emma Williams, who helps her parents throughout the lambing season at the family farm, said: 'It is the first time anyone has thought to bring an old bottle in as the lambs are actually fed using automatic feeders.

'Katie wrote us a really sweet letter and loved being with the lambs.

'We have been gradually been building up our flock and opened last year to the public and had such a great response we decided to do it again.'

Katie made the headlines back in 2013 after she was born in a car on the A149 near North Walsham as her mum was heading to hospital for the delivery.

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