Spooky Norfolk: PrimEVIL Halloween attraction leaves visitors screaming

PrimEVIL at The Dinosaur Adventure Park.


A far cry from the children's attraction which welcomes thousands of families every year, Dinosaur Adventure at Lenwade transformed itself as darkness fell into PrimEVIL.

This terrifying live action has proved a hit for the past four years when it rolls into town every Halloween to frighten even the bravest of visitors.

After walking through the ticket office, we were immediately greeted by a zombie which set the tone for the night.

We eased ourselves in gently with the Maze of Mutants.

We were welcomed into the town of Longville, set in the Deep South, where we were forced to dodge hanging bodies before meeting a woman who was barbecuing her first husband.

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After wandering around the woodland with various characters surprising us, we were finally confronted by a man brandishing a chainsaw who made sure we did not return.

With patients attempting to escape from their cells, the Insanitorium was one of the most hyped attractions. Loud music and strobe lighting greeted us as we made our way through a warehouse riddled with patients who followed us.

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The Dark was by far my favourite attraction. Eric Scratch entertained us in the queue before we were submerged into complete darkness and had to find our way through a labyrinth. Complete with hanging objects, a moving floor and, of course, a host of characters ready to pounce with torches at the least expected moments, it was one of the most chilling experiences.

Toxic saw a scientific experiment which had gone wrong lead to a chemical spill. Zombies and men clad in gas masks tormented us as we tried to navigate a building site.

And the end of the woods, in order to walk back to the main site, we encountered Dead Funny, a collection of clowns.

The costumes were superb, the actors fantastic and the trailer was right... screaming doesn't help.

Lucy Wright

PrimEVIL runs until November 2 and tickets can be bought from www.primevil-scare.com

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