Spooky coincidences as North Walsham twins pass driving tests

Twins are meant to have an intuitive link that throws up plenty of spooky coincidences that are hard to explain.

But even Steve and Matt Rudram are scratching their heads after a series of unlikely driving test doubles.

The 17 year olds, from Farm View, North Walsham, passed their driving tests 24 hours apart, which may not seem too amazing as they are just one minute different in age.

But they also:

? Took their first theory tests on the same day, May 19, and both failed

? Both took their driving tests at 11.11am on consecutive days, July 23 and 24

? Each passed with seven 'minors' - the small errors recorded by the examiner

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? Two of the minors were the same - for steering and safety of move off.

Steve, who was born one minute after Matt on January 6 1995, said: 'We didn't even realise all the coincidences until we looked at our details.

'But we do have lots of other things that happen to us because we are twins. If someone asked us both to pick a number between one and 10, we often pick the same number.'

Matt said: 'Quite often we think exactly the same thing. If Steve says something, it will be precisely what I was going to say.'

Despite being so close in age, they said there was no sign of the traditional sibling rivalry between them.

Steve said: 'We are like best friends. We have the same friends and go everywhere together.'

Matt said he was 'shocked' when he passed his test, adding: 'I had never stalled before, but I stalled twice during the test and didn't think I would pass. It was so nerve wracking. I was sweating.'

Having been born just before Steve, it was apt that he passed his test first.

And the situation put pressure on his brother, who had 24 hours to wait until he took his turn.

But there was no sign of jealousy. Steve said: 'I was nervous, but I was really pleased for Matt that he had passed his test.'

Having both studied at North Walsham High School, their education paths have since diverged.

Matt is halfway through a two-year travel and tourism diploma at City College Norwich, while Steve has finished a one-year course at Easton College.

But Steve said he was now looking to do a course at City College Norwich, which would bring them together again.

In case all of the coincidences are not enough, Steve and Matt are also inseparable at work, as they both are part-time waiters at the Manor Hotel at Mundesley.

The twins live with mum Diane, dad Richard and sister Emma, 21.

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