Spider season has come early this year - and they are creeping into homes

A spider and its web. Picture: Lydia Taylor

A spider and its web. Picture: Lydia Taylor - Credit: Lydia Taylor

Spiders are appearing indoors earlier this year due to the recent heatwave.

Spider season, the time where large spiders invade UK homes in search of a mate, usually takes place in Autumn.

The influx of house spiders usually occurs in September after the arachnids have spent a summer gorging on flies and growing sexually mature.

This year, however, the recent heatwave created ideal conditions for spiders to thrive and develop earlier than usual.

Because of their increased access to food via an increased insect population, many male spiders have already reached the stage where they're coming inside in search of a female mate.

Large house spiders are already being spotted in people's homes across the country.

Have you seen more spiders in your house recently? How do you react to them? Let us know in the comments.

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