Speed camera set to be installed on busy Norfolk road due to an “unacceptably high” number of drivers speeding

The speed camera will be installed along Bury Road, Thetford. Picture: Rebecca Murphy

The speed camera will be installed along Bury Road, Thetford. Picture: Rebecca Murphy - Credit: Archant

A speed camera is set to be installed on a busy Thetford road after traffic surveys caught an 'unacceptably high' number of drivers speeding.

The bi-direction fixed camera is due to be installed along the A134, Bury Road, close to St Mary's Crescent.

Surveys carried out by Norfolk police between December 5 and 10 last year revealed a high number of people driving over the 30mph speed limit.

Tim Lovejoy, chairman of the Barnham Cross Residents Association, said the installation of the camera is a positive move.

He said: 'The traffic issues along Bury Road are a regular topic at our residents group.

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'The main issues are to do with the number of lorries as it is a narrow road and speed is linked to that issue.

'The faster a vehicle is going the more frightening it is for the elderly or children walking on the paths.'

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He added: 'Anything that makes that area generally safer is welcome and a good thing.'

Results from the traffic survey showed the average lowest speed of a vehicle heading towards Bury St Edmunds along the A134 during a daily 24-hour period was 28.5mph, and the highest was 41.4mph.

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Between 7am and 8pm the lowest was 28.5mph and the highest 35mph.

Of the 24,913 daily road users heading to Bury St Edmunds, 6,001 were travelling at more than 35mph and 676 - 2.7pc - of those exceeded 42mph and warranted prosecution.

Over a daily 24-hour period 40,074 vehicles headed towards Brandon Road.

The lowest average speed over that period was 29.2mph and the highest 48.5mph.

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Between 7am and 8pm the lowest was 29.2mph and highest 35.2mph.

The number of drivers exceeding 35mph was 8,865, of which 953 - 2.4pc - exceeded 42mph and warranted prosecution.

Norfolk County Council have said the camera is set to be installed on or around August 21.

Thetford Town councillor Sylvia Armes, who is on the amenities and road safety committee, said: 'Speed cameras do work and they act as a deterrent.

'It is a busy road and it would be good to control the traffic. We have Queenways Infant School and Nursery and we have elderly people at St Barnabas Close. It is a good thing.'

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