Spaniel injured by razor wire on walk in Horsford

Lisa Knights with her puppy Sonny who were on a country walk when he got caught in some razor wire w

Lisa Knights with her puppy Sonny who were on a country walk when he got caught in some razor wire which had been left on the side of a foot path. Photo: Simon Finlay - Credit: SIMON FINLAY

A Horsford woman is today warning fellow pet owners after her dog was badly injured by razor wire on a walk.

A country walk turned into a nightmare on Monday afternoon for Lisa Knights and her nine month old spaniel, Sonny.

Lisa, 41, from Pond Lane, Horsford, her friend Kelly Sims and their two six year old children were walking on Pyehurn Lane, a well-used footpath in Horsford, when Sonny ran off towards Bramley Lakes activity centre.

After hearing pained cries, Lisa ran to find Sonny tangled in razor wire that was cast aside beside the path.

In a vain attempt to help him, both Lisa and her friend were injured.

A fire crew from Sprowston were called to free Sonny, along with Taverham vet Ed Bellamy.

After a frightening ordeal lasting just under an hour, Sonny was eventually freed but with significant wounds. He is currently at home recuperating.

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'He's definitely getting there, he's not himself but he's on the mend,' said Lisa.

'I'm so grateful for Red Watch and to Ed who were amazing, and Kelly. I don't know what I would have done without them.'

Upset and angry, Lisa called Norfolk County Council and highlighted the issue on social media to alert the Horsford community.

'It's a path popular with children,' she said.

'My concern is it injuring someone else and what happened on Monday happening again.

'Thankfully Sonny is okay but the wire should not be there.'

A Norfolk County Council spokesman said they had visited the site to investigate and 'would take necessary action to ensure any hazard is removed'.

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