Southwold sewers set to benefit from £100,000 project

Anglian Water workmen Southwold sewer initiative

Anglian Water workmen will be in Southwold as part of the Southwold sewer initiative. - Credit: Mick Howes

A £100,000 scheme is under way that will see around 12km of sewers cleaned in a seaside town.

Anglian Water started a month-long project this week that is aimed at preventing sewer blockages to protect the community and environment.

After a successful project took place in Southend earlier this year, Anglian Water brought their Flush to Treatment programme to Southwold on Monday, October 25.

With Anglian Water workers and contractors in the area for the Southwold sewer initiative, it will see sewers being flushed as part of a four-phase project.

Workmen will search for blockages using cameras and sensors Southwold sewer initiative

Workmen will search for blockages using cameras and sensors to make sure waste continues to flow freely and to prevent the build-up of blockages as part of the Southwold sewer initiative. - Credit: Anglian Water

The £100,000 project, to clean 12km of sewer, will see workmen searching for blockages using cameras and sensors to make sure waste continues to flow freely and to prevent the build-up of blockages.

Ben Hatfield-Wright, programme manager of the Flush to Treatment project for Anglian Water, said: “When we find a blockage, we will remove it from the sewer using high powered jets.

"Any material collected will be safely disposed of without causing further harm to the environment and our teams will also check the sewers for any damage and make any necessary repairs.

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“Removing and cleaning these blockages, will help prevent pollutions in the environment and reduce the risk of homes flooding from backed up sewer pipes.”

An Anglian Water spokesman added: "We'll be carrying out the work in four phases; starting from the promenade, then moving through the town.

"We'll then work through residential areas before the final phase at the end of the high street and around the golf course."

With the project due to finish by December 1, householders will still be able to use your toilets and other facilities as normal, as water supplies to and from your home will not be affected.

The project will remove any fats, grease, unflushables or other waste causing problems in the network.

James Mallinder, cabinet member for the Environment at East Suffolk Council, said: “Being careful about what we put down the drain not only protects the drainage system but helps to protect our biodiversity and natural habitats.

"East Suffolk’s work with Anglian Water is one of our many partnerships which seek to create a legacy of building environmentally sustainable communities.”

Visit the dedicated Southwold sewer initiative website for further details.

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