Father and son rescued by lifeguards after their boat capsized out at sea

Lifeguard crews rescued a father and son out at sea at Southwold

Lifeguard crews rescued a father and son out at sea at Southwold - Credit: RNLI Lifeguards

Lifeguard crews in Southwold rescued a father and son after their capsized boat was spotted out in the sea at Southwold.

RNLI Southwold North senior lifeguard Callum Swatman noticed the pair's boat around 100m from the shore while on patrol on Thursday, July 29.

A man then swam out to the vessel and assisted in turning it back over before returning to shore.

He explained to Mr Swatman that he was the father of the person in the boat and said his teenage son was planning to get out of the water.

After the boat capsized again, Mr Swatman swam out to sea and assisted lifeguard crews in returning the father and son to shore.

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Lead lifeguard supervisor Ted Morgan said: "It was great that the father took his son to sail at one of our lifeguarded beaches.

"This meant as soon as they found themselves in trouble, one of our lifeguards was immediately on hand to assist him."

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