‘I have never looked back’ says Reepham woman after losing five stone in a year


A Norfolk woman who has lost a third of her body weight has said the weight loss has not only improved her physical health but her mental wellbeing has also benefitted.


Sophie Tudor, who has congenital heart disease was told by her cardiologist that her weight was putting her at increased risk of diabetes, heart failure and stroke and that if she did not act the risk to her health would only increase.

But it was after seeing a photo of herself at a friend's BBQ that the 26-year-old from Reepham decided to lose weight.

'I thought enough was enough it was one of those tipping points where I thought, no, I cannot look like that and I have never looked back.' She said.

Deciding to take action Ms Tudor joined Taverham Hinks Meadow Slimming World and with the support of the group and its leader Vanessa Thorpe, lost five stone within the space of a year, taking her weight from around 15 stone to just under 10 stone.


Ms Tudor said moving into a new home and cooking all of her own meals, as well as taking up Zumba and making lifestyle changes had helped her to lose the weight.

'Zumba has had a massive impact on my life, because without it I wouldn't have lost as much weight.'

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Now, feeling fitter, healthier and more confident Ms Tudor said she wants others who need to lose weight to know that it can be done.

'Being overweight has had a huge impact on my health and although there are a lot of people who need to lose weight they don't necessarily know how to.

'I want to get the message to those around me that if they want to lose weight they can.' She said.

Adding that the weight loss had not only made a difference to her physical health but also her mental health, Ms Tudor said: 'It has changed my life physically and my mental health has improved significantly. I suffered with severe social anxiety and sought therapy to help me with this for three years but losing weight has been the therapy I needed.'

Following her weight loss Ms Tudor has been nominated as her group's Woman of the Year.

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