Son’s appeal for missing wallet which contained photos of late father

Ben Cronin has made an emotional appeal after his wallet went missing at Norwich train station. Phot

Ben Cronin has made an emotional appeal after his wallet went missing at Norwich train station. Photo: Supplied - Credit: Archant

A man has made an emotional appeal for his wallet to be handed in which contained some of the last photos taken of his late father.

Ben Cronin, 23, of Oakwood Road in Oulton Broad, said he did not care about the cash or cards which went missing after a train journey from Lowestoft to Norwich, but the photos of his dad were very sentimental to him.

He said: 'Although the photos were of him on life-support with tubes coming out him, he actually looked quite well then.

'My mum has been quite affected by this, because we have been burgled twice since my dad died and photos of him were stolen then.'

Mr Cronin's father, who also called Ben, died in May 2011.

To get to university, Mr Cronin travels to Cambridge several time a week by train from Lowestoft, to study for his psychology degree at Anglia Ruskin.

As he changed trains at Norwich station, he put his wallet in his coat pocket and patted himself down to check he had it there.

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As he adjusted his foldable bicycle ready to take on his next journey, he noticed his coat pocket was open and when he got on the next train he saw his wallet was not there.

He ran to check the train he was last on but the wallet was not there.

He then had to then go into the city centre to withdraw cash to buy a new train ticket.

Mr Cronin added: 'I had my final year exams that day and arrived with minutes to spare.' Mr Cronin explained that if he was late he would have failed the year.

The item has been reported missing to British Transport Police but nothing has been handed in yet.

• If you have any information contact, British Transport Police on 0207 0276523 and quote the crime reference number EN/001411/2016 or alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or through their anonymous online form at