Some Regent Superbowl traders affected by Great Yarmouth fire do not have insurance

Fire at Superbowl on Regent Road, photos from Deivydas Andriuskevicius

Fire at Superbowl on Regent Road, photos from Deivydas Andriuskevicius - Credit: Deivydas Andriuskevicius

The owner of the Regent Superbowl which erupted into flames this morning has said that many traders inside the facility do not have insurance.

Phil Thompson is the owner of the bowling alley and indoor market place which has around 40 stalls.

Mr Thompson, a long established business man in the borough, bought the facility in November 2012, before it was given a £300,00 revamp in 2014.

He said: 'I got a call at 4am and came straight over.

'It was devastating. For years we have been building it into what it is today and it had been our best season.

'I feel awful for the traders, many of whom won't be insured.

'We are going to see what happens now, but we will rebuild.'

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Several traders have spoken of their distress to the news.

One of the traders in the indoor market is Stephen Cook.

Mr Cook owns a film and television memorabilia store inside the building.

He says he has lost stock worth between £100,000 and £150,000.

He said: 'There is nothing left. The whole lot has gone up.

'We wouldn't get insurance for contents because of how it was all set up with the fire regulations and things, they wouldn't insure the contents for any of the traders in there so everybody has lost anything.'

Another trader who wished not to be named said: 'I don't think there has ever been a bigger fire in the town.

'It is shocking, I rushed down as soon as I heard what had happened and it was all up in flames and I saw the building cave in.

'It's is a sad time. There are about 40 traders in that market place and this is the peak season - we are all going to lose out on money because we are not going to benefit from the summer and because of the insurance issues.'

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