‘Public have been silly’: shoppers back lockdown tightening

L-R Chris Smith, Glennys Marks and Christine Smith in Cromer. Picture: Staff

L-R Chris Smith, Glennys Marks and Christine Smith in Cromer. Picture: Staff - Credit: Archant

After the announcement that social gatherings will be down to six people from Monday, Sabrina Johnson spoke to people in Cromer on Wednesday to find out their views

Garry Crowder. Picture: Staff

Garry Crowder. Picture: Staff - Credit: Archant

Chris Smith, 67, from Reepham, said he believed the new restrictions would help get the virus under control and put the NHS under less pressure.

“It gives me reassurance but the public obviously have to follow it. If everybody had done what they were supposed to do then we could have driven [the virus] away. We’re all waiting on a vaccine now.”

Steve Warwick,64, from Nuneaton. Picture: Staff

Steve Warwick,64, from Nuneaton. Picture: Staff - Credit: Archant

Christine Smith, 67, from Reepham, said: “The public have been rather silly in relation to social gatherings which has caused a lot of this. I feel like, with the young, give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. People have forgotten how bad it was earlier on and now we’re going to pay. All the social distancing has been for nothing.”

Steve Warwick, 64, on holiday in Cromer from Nuneaton, said he supported the introduction of new restrictions: “I think it’s fine, they should have done it earlier. I think they eased things too quickly in the first place. Schooling is more important than anything else.”

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Isabel Warwick, 25, also on holiday in Cromer from Nuneaton, said: “I think it’s good they’re not scared of locking down rather than being too proud to.”

Abigail Lloyd, 25, on holiday in Cromer from Northampton, said the new restrictions did not bother her.

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“I’m not really surprised, people have gone back to normal, even walking along here it’s like there’s nothing. People have forgotten there’s a virus. I support [the new restrictions] but mainly because I’m pregnant and have an underlying health condition.”

Susan Fleet, 72, from Lincoln, said: “I think it’s good because people are flouting the regulations incredibly nonchalantly, even being cavalier.

“We’ve been quite alarmed in some restaurants and cafes at how non-seriously they are taking it. Places are more concerned in getting people in the door rather than safety.”

Garry Crowder, 63, on holiday in Cromer from Yorkshire, said: “I guess they know what’s going on in different locations. Where we come from there’s parts now where they’ve had to go back into lockdown because of the rates of coronavirus. It’s a difficult one because I think we have to get on with life but there’s so many mixed messages around. I think generally people are really good at observing social distancing. Most people seem to be compliant but there’s always groups that won’t be.”

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