Slideshow: Charity record breaking day in Norwich

From upside down sausage eating to squats press-ups, touch typing, and golf ball blowing - Norwich became a world record hub on Saturday.

Professional and amateur record breakers gathered at The Forum to attempted 100 records in one day to celebrate charity Macmillan Cancer Support's centenary.

Although they did not reach the ton, a total of 53 Record Holders Republic records were broken, including the most to be set and broken in one venue in a day.

The event was organised by professional record breaker Shaun Jones from Hoveton, also known as Mr Remarkableman. He holds the record for the fastest hot water bottle bursting and was the first weightlifter to squat lift more than one million pounds over 24 hours on his 50th birthday.

On Saturday he smashed a squat lifting record when he lifted the most weight in an hour smashing a previous US record of 55,621kg by lifting 65,000kgs in front of a cheering crowd.

He has been raising money for Macmillan since his mother died of cancer nine years ago.

'I felt I needed to do this for my mum because I lost her to cancer. It took me six months to organise.'

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Scott Evans, of Copenhagan Way in Mile Cross in Norwich set three new golf ball blowing records.

The 20-year-old Dereham nightclub door supervisor said: 'I lay on the floor and blew a golf ball. When I did the 10ft one I felt a bit giddy. It took a lot of breath out of me.

'The fact that you are the only person in the world that has done it is great. I am going to keep trying now I've done that.'

As well as collecting money in buckets around The Forum, members of the public were charged �5 to attempt a world record.

Stephan Buttler, 35, travelled to Norwich from Birmingham to try and break the clap press up world record. He beat the previous record of 72 when he did 75 in a minute.

'It was hard work. especially the last 15 seconds trying to get the last ones in to break the record. I just tried my best.'

'It is a good cause really. It is all well and good setting records, but it's great to do it for other people.'

Macmillan fundraising support assistant Cliff Willett set a typing world record when he wrote the word Macmillan Cancer Support 15 times in one minute.

He said: 'I don't think I'll hold the record for very long. I may try and break it later on this afternoon.'

'We are so grateful that so many world record holders have come here today.'

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