Six cars, bike racks, a fence and bush wrecked after car ran out of control in Acle


An elderly driver left a trail of destruction in Acle ploughing into six cars, three bike racks, a fence, and a bush after losing control of his vehicle.

The motoring mayhem unfolded at around 12.20pm on Wednesday when the dark coloured Volvo attempted to reverse out of a parking spot in the centre of the village,

Eyewitness Ryan Head was about to cross the road with his dog when he saw the vehicle clip a taxi and then reverse at speed back into it.

The female taxi driver dived for cover and passers-by reportedly looked on agog as the scene erupted into 'carnage.'

Mr Head, 21, said what followed was like a scene from a 'cops and cars' TV programme as the car went on to smash through several others before spinning off the kerb sending it in another direction towards a house - its path broken by a bush.

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He said: 'An old man reversed and tapped the front of a taxi. The female driver got out but there was no damage. He reversed again and smashed into the car at speed and she jumped out of the way on to the grass. He then spun off, hitting several other cars and three bike racks, destroying the first two. He paused, put the car into first, pulled forward and shunted into the back of a red car, going through a small wooden fence and a bush before coming to rest by a building. Another old man then came across shouting at him to turn the engine off. Luckily no-one was injured but I could not believe it. It was carnage.'

Another witness who asked not be named said there was quite a commotion in the village with two fire engines, an ambulance and two police cars. She understood there was a problem with the automatic car and it 'just got out of control.'

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Police confirmed they attended the scene.

A spokesman said: 'Police were called to The Green in Acle at around 12.20pm to reports a car was in collision with six vehicles, a pedal cycle stand and a wall of a property before coming to rest.

'There has been significant damage to the cars, however no-one was injured. Police are investigating and inquiries continue.'

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