Silent disco street tour to come to Norwich

A silent disco street tour is coming to Norwich. Photo: SDKings

A silent disco street tour is coming to Norwich. Photo: SDKings - Credit: Ash Jolliffe

The sound of silence will accompany a new Norwich event where people can rave without making a racket.

A silent disco tour will be making its way through the city this summer, inviting party lovers to don a set of wireless headphones and get dancing in the street.

Jon Holder, who runs entertainment company Incredible Event with his partner Amy Butler, said: "I've been running an entertainment company for 13 years and the main issue with events is always noise complaints.

"Silent discos are brilliant because people can listen to party classics and club hits and there's no noise pollution.

"You'd think that being in a city people would be self-conscious but they aren't at all when they get the headphones on even shy people become big characters and you can't help but smile as it becomes a big dancing flash mob."

The tour lasts one hour and will begin at Norwich market before proceeding through the city.

The next date with availability is on Saturday, June 8.

Tickets cost £9.99 and are available here.

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