Silence in Norwich Cathedral

The labyrinth at Norwich Cathedral is to be decorated in lights as part of an event celebrating the value of silence.

People are being invited to temporarily escape from the busy, noisy, hustle and bustle of everyday life for an hour or so on Monday evening, and take part in Silence in the Cathedral.

From 6pm until 8pm the Jubilee Labyrinth, in the cloister garth of the cathedral, will be lit up with 500 candles.

It will recreate the millennium eve scene that took place in Cathedral Close where people gathered to walk through a candlelit labyrinth that inspired the current version in the cloister gardens.

Jane Sunderland, one of the organisers, said: 'We have got 500 hexagonal jam jars that will be filled with night lights. They will be like little beads of light on the labyrinth.

'The labyrinth is like a meditation space to take you to the centre. Like the path of life it leads through many twists and turns but always to the centre. Monday's event is about reflection, finding some peace and silence within to contact your inner self. If the weather is bad, we are going to use the candles to light up the cloisters and people can chose to either walk around the cloisters or the labyrinth.

Inside the cathedral there will be silence from 7pm until 8pm.

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Mary Green, one of the organisers, said: 'People can use the silence in whatever way they wish. They can bring a book and read, just enjoy sitting in the cathedral or walking around.

'It is not a silent cathedral, it is Silence in the Cathedral. It is finding your own silence and finding out how the cathedral speaks to you as an individual. We start and finish the hour with a solo voice singing. It will be absolutely beautiful - one voice singing his heart out to fill the cathedral.'