Sign of the times as something is brewing at former Cromer garage

A bit of Countdown-style word wizardry has given a broad hint about the future use of a former Cromer garage.

The Allen's Garages sign on West Street has been cleverly changed to 'Ales Gas 'n Lager', using the identical letters and apostrophe from the sign that was in place for decades until the business closed a few years ago.

The West Street-facing part of the garage is being used by former Cromer Museum curator Martin Warren, who is in the process of establishing Poppyland Brewery.

Mr Warren, who also runs guided geology walks in north Norfolk, said on his latest blogpost: 'When I noticed that the sign over the shop window was made of screwed-on plastic letters it reminded me of Fawlty Towers.

'I could move them around, I thought, and save myself a few bob. So that's how Allen's Garages became Ales Gas 'n Lager. That just about sums up the future output of my proposed Poppyland Brewery.'

Mr Warren was aiming to brew small quantities of unusual, high-quality ales.

He said: 'When I eventually do brew beer for sale, I want the drinker to think 'wow, that's extraordinary. A different drinking experience and worth every penny'.'

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