Families’ dismay at plans for new train siding near their homes

The railway line backing on to Exton's Place where the new siding will be built. Photo: Casey Cooper

The railway line backing on to Exton's Place where the new siding will be built. Photo: Casey Cooper-Fiske - Credit: Archant

Families unhappy at the prospect of overnight railway engineering works at the bottom of their garden have been invited to a consultation.

Work will see a new train siding installed on the stretch of rail behind Exton's Place in King's Lynn, as part of a long-awaited £27m investment in railway infrastructure funded by the government, which will see trains extended to eight carriages.

The plans come after a group of around 700 residents in the area who opposed an unrelated proposal for 16 new factory units on Rollesby Road found out about the siding work just a week after losing their appeal.

The group has praised Network Rail for its openness, despite adding it could not agree with work being carried out.

Network Rail said that on five days between September 22, 2019 and April 11, 2020 some of the construction work would have to be done overnight.

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A Network Rail statement posted to residents read: "The nature of these works means that there will be an impact on the local environment and community which is unfortunately unavoidable.

"We will be making every effort to minimise the impact of our works where it is practical to do so. We are working closely with Norfolk County Council to identify the impact on the local community and put measures in place to minimise any disturbance. Our staff and contractors are briefed on working respectfully and responsibly in the community."

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Network Rail does not require planning permission for the siding.

Kerron Abel, a member of the group which opposed the factory plans, said residents disagreed with railway work due to the potential disturbance.

Mr Abel said: "This shows the lack of care in the community, they're always on about the environment, protecting trees and animals and then this goes directly against it."

He said while he could not appeal the siding plans, Mr Abel is hoping that a compromise can be reached at the Lynn meeting.

Residents have been invited to The Walks on Wednesday, August 21, between 5pm and 8.30pm, to discuss the plans.

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