Should parents be allowed to post old photos of their children on social media without consent?

The Facebook App shown on a Samsung smartphone. Photo: Lauren Hurley/PA Wire

The Facebook App shown on a Samsung smartphone. Photo: Lauren Hurley/PA Wire - Credit: PA

An 18-year-old from Austria is reportedly taking legal action against her parents for posting old photographs of her online without first gaining her consent. Do you think she's right to do this?

Embarrassing baby photos.

We've all got them, whether stashed away in drawers or displayed proudly in frames on our parents' mantelpieces, there's no denying their existence, or the fact that they are likely to be whipped out and passed around by your family at the worst possible moments.

But how would you feel if these personal pictures were spread all over the internet?

Violated? Ashamed? Miserable?

These are all words that have been used to describe the case of a young woman from Carinthia in Austria, who when faced with this situation has opted to sue her parents for sharing intimate photos of her on Facebook.

According to The Local, an Austrian news site, her parents first began posting the childhood photos back in 2009 and have now shared a total of 500 embarrassing shots with their 700 friends, including images of her having her nappy changed and potty training pictures.

The teenager asked her parents repeatedly to take the photos down but each time they refused, telling her they had taken the photos and thus could do with them as they pleased, leading her to grow 'tired of not being taken seriously'.

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Her case, which is the first of its kind in the country, will be heard in November and legal experts have been quoted as saying she stands a good chance of winning in court.

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