Should Covid vaccination be compulsory? Readers have their say

A vial of coronavirus vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University.

Do you think the Covid vaccine should be mandatory? - Credit: John Cairns/University of Oxford/PA Wire

Hundreds of readers have had their say on whether Covid vaccinations should be mandatory as 2,300 cases of the Indian variant are confirmed.

The health and social care secretary Matt Hancock, confirmed in the House of Commons that there were 2,323 confirmed cases of the Indian variant in the UK in 86 local authorities - with Dr Louise Smith, Norfolk County Council's public health director, confirming Norfolk had "fewer than 10" cases.

During his statement, Mr Hancock said the majority of people now in hospital with coronavirus had been eligible for the vaccine but had not yet had it.

Heath Secretary Matt Hancock speaking in the House of Commons on Tuesday. Photo: House of Common/PA Wire

Heath Secretary Matt Hancock speaking in the House of Commons. - Credit: PA

He added: "Vaccines save lives, they protect you, they protect your loved ones and they will help us all get out of this pandemic."

On Tuesday, we asked on Facebook whether you thought vaccinations should be mandatory in the UK and almost 300 people commented.

The majority said people should be able to have the right to choose.

Laura Simonds said: "It should be a choice and no one should feel manipulated or bullied regardless of what they have chosen to do."

Fiona Gregory added: "I've had both my Covid jabs and I don't think it should be compulsory. It's bad enough not being allowed to have an opinion let alone forcing the vaccine upon people.

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"Although if a country anywhere in the world requires you to have the vaccine to gain entry then so be it."

A few readers said they thought the vaccine should be mandatory, with some saying those who refused to take it should not be treated by the NHS.

Stuart Land, who lives in Norwich, said: "Yes, unless they have a medical reason that they can't, ie allergic to what's inside."

Peter Mulholland agreed with Mr Land and added: "If you refuse, you lose your right to NHS treatment."

Another reader from Norwich, Karen Stradling, said: "Covid passports, it’s the only way, those who choose a different way of life are entitled, just keep them away from us who do the right thing!"