Shock as two more kittens found in same place as three dumped two days ago

The two kittens which were dumped in Lowestoft two days after three others were found abandonded. Pi

The two kittens which were dumped in Lowestoft two days after three others were found abandonded. Picture: Craig Parratt - Credit: Archant

Two days after three adorable kittens were dumped in Lowestoft, two more cats were found abandoned in the same place on Wednesday.

The two kittens, also black, were found by Craig Parratt and Sabrina Beckingham, both 28, in an alleyway between London Road South and Kirkley Cliff Road.

Found in a hole around three inches high and at the bottom of a drain connected to the The Clyffe Hotel's function room, the cats were found in remarkably good health, had been fed and their fur was in condition.

Mr Parratt, who manages the hotel, said he was shocked to find two more and warned people not to buy pets they are not able to take care of.

He said: 'I am shocked that we have found another two. They have been dumped again and the hole is only big enough for one kitten to sit in.

'It must have been done by someone who is struggling to sell them. We had the same thing before because they are black cats and they are the hardest to sell.

'It looks like they are just now only able to feed and fend for themselves, so I think the owners have just dumped them.'

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Mr Parratt said the kittens he found looked well cared for, and said people who had the kittens would have known the risks of having pets.

He said: 'They are so friendly as well. They have not been left in the streets for long. They are all really nice and their fur is soft and not matted.

'They are not badly treated and their bellies are nice and full too.'

The couple also rescued the first three kittens, and had started double checking the area behind The Clyffe Hotel before finding the next two kittens.

Mr Parratt, who is in the process of contacting the RSPCA, added: 'Don't get them [a pet] in the first place. We all know the risks.

'If you can't look after them don't get them.'

Anyone who is concerned for the welfare of an animal should call the RSPCA's 24-hour emergency hotline on 0300 1234 999 for help and advice.

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