Sheringham slimmer has six appeal

Sheringham slimmer Anne Dundas before, left, and after, right. Picture: SLIMMING WORLD

Sheringham slimmer Anne Dundas before, left, and after, right. Picture: SLIMMING WORLD - Credit: SLIMMING WORLD

A pensioner who piled on the pounds after her mother died revealed her life has changed and she is the happiest she has ever been after shedding five stones.

Seventy-two-year-old Anne Dundas, from Sheringham, joined Slimming World in August 2014 after becoming increasingly unhappy with her size.

And, just two years on, she has been named 'Woman of the Year' in her Slimming World group and reached the final six in the Norfolk and Suffolk District final alongside Hollie Barrett who has been crowned National Woman of the Year.

Anne dropped from 16st to 11st in just 24 months after following Slimming World's Food Optimising eating plan, which encourages slimmers to fill up on satisfying yet healthy everyday foods like fruit and veg, lean meat and fish, pasta, potatoes, rice, pulses and more without having to weigh or measure.

'When I started out I never dreamt I'd be able to achieve all that I have,' she explained. 'I lost 4lbs in my first week and was blown away that the changes I'd made had such a big impact so quickly.

'As the weight started to come off and I began moving down dress sizes – I've gone from a size 22 to a 14 – I started to believe I could actually lose the weight and keep it off. Losing the weight has made such a huge difference – it's changed my life.

'I've got so much more energy and I can do things now that I couldn't before. My fitness has improved and I enjoy being active now rather than thinking of it as a chore – I love dancing.

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'I'm more confident and I like the slim, happy, positive person I see in the mirror. I feel like a winner already, so being voted Sheringham group's Woman of the Year 2016 and then going on to reach the District final six is just the icing on the cake.'

She said: 'I started to put on weight after my mother died. I tried lots of different diets but they usually left me feeling hungry or miserable – or both, in fact. With Slimming World it's completely different, I never have to miss out and I don't have to get hung up on weighing and measuring everything I eat. I don't feel deprived and after losing 5st I'm the slimmest – and the happiest – I've been in such a long time!'

Slimming World's Woman of the Year competition recognises the achievements of women in making long-term healthy lifestyle changes.

Alison Smyth, who runs the Tuesday morning group in Sheringham, said: 'I'm so proud of Anne. Not only does she look fabulous, she's improved her health and is bursting with energy.

'She's a huge inspiration to everyone in our group and I hope she inspires other women – and men – in Sheringham to change their lives in the same way.

'It can be hard to admit that you need to do something about your weight and to ask for help, Anne shows just what's possible when you do though. She always tells other members that if she can do it, anyone can and that's certainly true!'

The Sheringham Slimming World groups are held every Tuesday morning at 9am and 11am as well as every Monday evening at 5.30pm and 7.30pm. To join or find out more call Alison on 01263 834038.