Sheringham Primary School will teach others across England how to be outstanding

An outstanding Norfolk school will be sharing its expertise with a host of others across England after becoming only the second in the county to be given a prestigious status.

Sheringham Primary School has been selected as a national teaching school, following in the footsteps of West Raynham Primary, which was selected last year.

The two will be at the forefront of the government's drive to use the best schools in the country to help others to hit the heights.

Sheringham and West Raynham have both been working as teaching schools in Norfolk, with Sheringham sharing its expertise with three new headteachers, two schools in special measures and others in its cluster.

They have also been in close co-operation with the University of East Anglia's school of education and Suffolk and Norfolk Initial Teacher Training.

Now Sheringham will join West Raynham in offering its services to schools all over the country - part of the government's vision to use schools, rather than local authorities, to engender excellence.

The two are among only 200 teaching schools in England, having been given the designation by the National College for School Leadership. Staff from Sheringham will now be invited to the national college's learning and conference centre in Nottingham in April for a formal induction.

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The programme gives outstanding schools the freedom to lead a group of schools, working with other partners including at least one university, to deliver high quality support for teachers and leaders at all stages in their career.

Dominic Cragoe, headteacher of Sheringham Primary and Nursery, said: 'Our teaching school alliance is an ideal mechanism for all schools to start controlling their own destinies and influencing, if not directing, future educational policy rather than having it done to them.

'Schools and their local communities feel that they know what is best for their children and it is to be hoped that Norfolk and Suffolk schools embrace this incredible opportunity to enable children to have the most brilliant schooling possible.'

Mr Cragoe added: 'I think the school was chosen because we all love the children, and because we are driven by what children need we find ways to get it right.

'We have really good quality staff who have a willingness to have a go.'

Steve Munby, chief executive of the national college, said: 'Teaching schools like Sheringham Primary and Nursery need to be at the top of their game to take on this role - outstanding in their own performance and having a track record of raising standards through school-to-school support with large numbers of schools.'

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