Sheringham Little Theatre announces changes to its Friends organisation

Sheringham Little Theatre has relaunched its Friends scheme in a bid to simplify the system and support other changes at the venue.

Changes include a single annual subscription rate, one renewal date from February next year, and an increase to two discounted tickets per Friend.

The first revamp of the system for five years comes as the theatre board seeks to adjust its income streams to deal with a reducing council funding at a time when the venue is also seeking to carry on with improvements.

Richard Ellis, chairman of trustees, said the changes were in response to feedback from Friends, whose support was 'invaluable and much appreciated.'

The theatre was facing a 10pc annual reduction in its grant help from North Norfolk District Council in each of the next three years - rising to a cut of �15,000 by 2014/15.

It was a 'significant gap' for the theatre to fill, in difficult economic times.

A business plan hatched by trustees however aimed to enable the theatre to continue to develop its programme.

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Mr Ellis added: 'While these are challenging times they are also times of great opportunity and we have some exciting things planned for the next few years'

They included conversion to digital cinema, developing the film offer and improving the Hub cafe.

Additional support was being sought from local businesses and new opportunities for sponsorship would become available, said Mr Ellis.

He hoped Friends would see the new subscription rate - at less than 48p a week - as good value.

Friends would be contacted during the years as their renewals were due.

Mr Ellis said: 'I hope Friends will be as excited as I am about the future of the Little Theatre. Without their fantastic support – and that of the members and volunteers in the local community - we simply cannot make all this happen.

'I hope they will continue to give us their vital support, and to encourage their neighbours and friends to do so too, so we can all take the Little Theatre forward together.'

? For more information please contact Sheringham Little Theatre box office on 01263 822347.

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