Sheringham awards for “unsung heroes” idea is put on hold

An idea to introduce awards for Sheringham's unsung community volunteers has been put on hold - amid fears it would 'belittle' a scheme that is already being run.

Town mayor Doug Smith raised the idea at a town council meeting on Tuesday, and said it would be a boost to the 'awful lot of people' who 'receive nothing' for their efforts.

But, after the members heard that the Upcher Community Partnership already administered a similar scheme, it was agreed to put the possible scheme on the backburner.

Mr Smith said: 'After being mayor for a year I'm very conscious that there are an awful lot of people in our community who do an awful lot for the town of Sheringham, but will never be invited to Buckingham Palace to receive an award.

'At the moment they receive nothing whatsoever. I thought, through a community award, their service could be recognised publicly in our town.

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'Individuals could be recommended for an award by members of the public or councillors. The town council would in private consider the recommendations and approve a list in January or February each year, so that the recipients would receive sufficient notice in time to get their awards at the annual town meeting each April.'

Mac McGinn said: 'I'm wondering why we want two award schemes. Is it necessary? I think this would belittle what's already being done. It's like giving someone a medal and then telling them it's not worth anything.'

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Peter Burns, a town councillor and a member of the partnership, said: 'We do still have the scheme going. It's not an annual scheme. The people running it don't think it's necessary to have it every year because it might demean its value.'

Peter Cox said: 'To my mind, this is a scheme that should be run by the council. It's the council that represents the whole community. People operating within our community should be recognised by us. It would be more prestigious for the recipients to receive an award from the town council.'

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