‘Shark’ spotted off Great Yarmouth coast

A basking shark, which John Tully may have spotted off Great Yarmouth. PRESS ASSOCIATION photo.

A basking shark, which John Tully may have spotted off Great Yarmouth. PRESS ASSOCIATION photo. - Credit: PA

A holidaymaker got a shock when he spotted what he believed to be a shark off Great Yarmouth.

John Tully was taking a dip in the sea this morning when he noticed a distinctive dorsal fin with a white tip among the waves.

The 60-year-old is holidaying in the resort with his family and believes the creature he saw was a shark, as it glided through the water and dipped in and out of the surf.

John, from Harlow, said: 'It definitely wasn't a seal, I saw the tip crossing through the water. It kept going down and coming up.

'It was a long way out because all I could see was the fin. It was unbelievable, I've never seen anything like it.'

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The dad-of-two has enjoyed a regular swim in the sea during his two week break at the Haven Seashore Holiday Park in North Drive, and said he had spotted several seals during his morning dips.

'I was in the water at the time,' he added. 'But it wasn't really a worry, they're here it's just that people don't normally see them.'

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A marine expert thought John's sighting could have been a basking shark or a harbour porpoise, which are spotted almost daily off the east Norfolk coast.

Carl Chapman, Norfolk's cetacean recorder, said: 'We'll get basking sharks off this coast, at this time of the year they'll be heading back south.

'They quite often show a tail fin as well as the main dorsal fin and they can have various markings on them.

'The other thing it could have been is a harbour porpoise, they're seen daily off the coast.'

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