Grab your binoculars to see the Moon, Mars and Uranus together

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This week, the trio of Moon, Mars and Uranus will appear all together.  - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Skygazers will get the chance to see the Moon, Mars and Uranus all coming together this week. 

On January 21, towards the southwest horizon, people can enjoy the view of the Moon and the two planets making a close approach. 

The meeting of the three will be visible to the naked eye from dusk, at the approximate time of 4.43pm. As it gets darker, they will reach their highest point at 6.06pm and should continue to be visible until around 12.36am. 

The Moon, Mars and Uranus will all appear in a vertical line with Mars to sit just above the Moon as it beams brightly over Norfolk. 

Typically, it would be very unlikely to spot Uranus with your own eyes. During this celestial event, it is possible however the planet will be fainter than Mars. 

It is advised that for the best viewing of the trio, you should grab some binoculars.  

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