Seasonal job surge sees unemployment fall in Great Yarmouth

Job Centre. Photo: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Job Centre. Photo: Danny Lawson/PA Wire - Credit: PA

Unemployment fell in the borough last month as the effects of seasonal employment started to kick in.

The number of people claiming Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) in Great Yarmouth in April was 1705, 240 fewer than the previous month.

Despite the 12.3pc decrease, the steepest across Norfolk, this was still 1.5pc higher than in April last year.

The number of young people out of work fell for the second month in a row, with 405, 16-to-24 year olds claiming JSA compared to 495 in March, a fall of 18.2pc.

Stephen Lankester, Job Centre Plus district operations leader, said the figures represented quite a significant fall.

'People are starting in seasonal type positions. The real positive is the reduction in youth unemployment. Those 90 young people who got jobs last month are real people.

'For those still out of work they will be expected to see their work coach as regularly as possible. They don't always have to come into the Job Centre as they can communicate by email.'

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Sweeping changes to the way benefits are paid were rolled out to new claimants in Yarmouth earlier this month.

The borough's job centre, based in The Conge, is so far the only one in the whole of the Central England region to have launched the full Universal Credit service.

The new system combines the payment of six working age benefits for the first time and benefits are paid monthly instead of fortnightly.

The scheme is completely based online, although people who struggle to use a computer can get help from job centre staff. It is due to be introduced across the whole country by 2020.