Woman left with cuts on both ankles after dog attack in country park

Ella, from Brandon, was running through Brandon Country Park when she was attacked by a small dog off its leash. 

Ella, from Brandon, was running through Brandon Country Park when she was attacked by a small dog off its leash. - Credit: Ella

A runner suffered cuts and bruising to the back of her legs as she was attacked by a dog off its leash in a country park.  

Ella, from Brandon, was running through Brandon Country Park at around 12.30pm on Wednesday, January 6, when she saw a “terrier-like” dog running towards her and its owner running behind it. 

After noticing it was off its leash, Ella - who asked not to identified - stopped and she heard its owner say: “It might bite you.” 

And then the small, white and grey dog proceeded to attack both of Ella’s ankles. 

She said: “When he said 'it might bite you' and I thought he was joking because it was a small dog.  

“I don’t really like dogs and in that moment, it bit both of my ankles.  

“I said 'can you get your dog off me?' and he didn’t really do anything. Eventually he put it on a lead, but he wasn’t quick about it.  

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“He said he was walking it on behalf of someone who is isolating and apologised 

“But I was in shock, I didn't’ know what to do and I just wanted to get away from it, so I didn’t ask him for his details. 

“I didn’t' realise how bad the bites were until I looked at home. My leggings were ripped and blood was pouring out of my leg.” 

Ella has reported the incident to the police and wants to put a warning out to other walkers or runners in the area. 

A Suffolk Police spokesman said: "I can confirm that we have received a report of a dangerous dog incident as described below, occurring at 1pm yesterday afternoon, where a woman out running in Brandon Country Park was bitten on the ankles by a dog. She required treatment at hospital for puncture wounds.

"The dog is as described below; the dog walker is described as a white man, aged in his 40s, with black slicked-back hair."

Ella added: “I think if you were aware a dog is capable of doing that why on earth did you not have it on a lead.  

“He knew that it was going to bite me and that’s the worst thing about it. 

“If it’s not your dog, even more reason to put it on a lead. The biggest concern for me is if it happens again, what if it is a child?  

“I just hope we can find the owner.” 

Anyone with information about this incident should contact Brandon Safer Neighbourhood Team on 101, quoting reference: 903/21.

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