Seal pup is rescued from Gorleston beach

The seal with infected eye at Gorleston

The seal with infected eye at Gorleston - Credit: Archant

A month-old seal pup has been rescued from Gorleston beach after it was found to be suffering an eye infection.

The rescued seal at Gorleston beach

The rescued seal at Gorleston beach - Credit: Archant

The Sea Life Centre alerted the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) and the RSPCA, yesterday at about 11.30am.

A member of the public stepped in to help the rescue effort and the seal was transferred to a nearby vet for treatment.

Kevin Murphy, a volunteer for the Norfolk branch of the BDMLR, was dispatched to the beach.

'I was directed to where it was, and as I was walking up the beach there was already a member of the public with it,' he said.

The seal with an infected eye at Gorleston

The seal with an infected eye at Gorleston - Credit: Archant

'It will now go off to a vet, and usually the RSPCA will release it back where they found it, depending on how long the treatment takes. It was beached up in the area towards Hopton, and the RSPCA were there with a stretcher, with this gentleman helping them lift it.

'While this was a young one, it is still heavy, and we loaded it up with the help of the member of the public. He asked if we would take any money for the help, and I said no but he gave a donation to the RSPCA.'

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Mr Murphy is urging anyone with concerns about beached sea life to contact them or the RSPCA so they can respond.

'It is really important, if you are in any doubt, to call someone if you have concerns about an animal on the beach,' he said.

'The pups will come on to the beach at about three weeks old, and that is quite normal but if they have been there a long time there could be something wrong. They grow up quite quickly.

'Some people will assume they shouldn't be on the beach, but they are usually quite happy there. If, after some time, you are concerned, call one of the organisations like ourselves or the RSPCA. Someone will always come out.

'We do not know what has happened with the eye, and it will be seen by a vet.

'Hopefully it is nothing life-threatening.'

The BDMLR can be contacted on 01825 765546 during office hours. The out-of-office hours rescue only line is 07787 433412.

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