Seagull found at Yarmouth Waterways seems to have been shot


A wounded seagull which seemed to have been shot with a air gun was found yesterday, in the same place Alan the grey heron was shot earlier this year.

The seagull was found at the Venetian Waterways, on Great Yarmouth seafront, and was taken to Foxy Lodge Animal Rescue in Hemsby.

John Garner, who runs Foxy Lodge with wife Tonia, said: 'This bird has been brought to us in the morning, the woman who brought him was in quite a state because there was quite a lot of blood.

'We think he's in shock but his wings are fine, his legs are fine, we're just hoping the pellet hasn't done further damage.

'These birds, they go into shock and it takes a day or two. We've cleaned the wound up and just hope it will heal.'

John said because of where the seagull was found - the same place Alan the heron was wounded in May - he thought there could be someone using an air gun to take 'pot shots' at wildlife.

Alan made a full recovery and was released back to the Waterways last month.

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'It makes you wonder maybe how many have been wounded and flown away,' John said.

'It's a meaningless attack of wildlife.'

John reported the shooting to the police, who said their wildlife crime would be looking into it.

'It would be a close call and I'm not an expert, but I think it happened sometime between 6am and 9am, based on how fresh the blood was,' said John.

Now, the seagull will be looked after by Tonia and John.

John said: 'Hopefully if he makes a full recovery he will be able to go free again, although not on Yarmouth seafront!'

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