Seafire fly-past at Sandringham cancelled after tough new rules are brought in following Shoreham Hawker Hunter crash which killed 11

A Supermarine Seafire at an air show. Picture: Adrian Pingstone.

A Supermarine Seafire at an air show. Picture: Adrian Pingstone. - Credit: Adrian Pingstone.

A display by a Second World War fighter plane has been cancelled because of tougher rules governing fly-pasts brought in after a crash in which 11 people died.

Eleven people lost their lives in August 2015 when a 1950s Hawker Hunter jet performing at the Shoreham Air Show in Sussex crashed onto a nearby road, colliding with four cars.

Tougher rules governing flying displays have been brought in by the Civil Aviation Authority, after an investigation into the crash concluded regulations designed to protect the public were 'ineffective'.

A 1940s Supermarine Seafire - a close relative of the iconic Battle of Britain Spitfire fighter - was due to perform at the Sandringham Flower Show on July 26.

But organisers now say that they have had to cancel the display.

Show officials have no control over traffic on minor roads on and around the Royal Estate on the day of the event.

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