Scholarship pupils visit to talk about Thailand trip

Former Wayland Academy students who now attend Gordonstoun in Scotland, have returned to the school

Former Wayland Academy students who now attend Gordonstoun in Scotland, have returned to the school to help them raise funds to a trip to Thailand - From left, Benjamin Thomas-Lewin and Enola Cuffe. Picture: Matthew Usher.

Three sixth form students will be jetting around the world later this year to undertake charity work in a remote Thailand village.

Former Wayland Academy pupils Benjamin Lewin, Enola Cuffe and Georgina Smith were all offered scholarships to Gordonstoun, a prestigious private school in Scotland, after completing their GCSEs last summer.

Now the students are preparing for a trip to Thailand to help put in a water pipe line for a remote village.

The students will have to raise upwards of £3,000 each for the trip, to cover the cost of their travel and living expenses.

Peter Lewin, Benjamin's father, said: 'It's all voluntary so they need to have enough money to support themselves out there at to get vaccinations.'

Mr Lewin said voluntary work is a regular part of pupils' experience at Gordonstoun.

'That is all built into the curriculum to widen their understanding of the world outside,' he said.

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'The ethos at Gordonstoun is to develop the whole person rather than someone who is just producing exam results.'

Enola's mother Jackie Cuffe said: 'I think it is a fantastic opportunity, and if it was not for Wayland Academy she would not have had the chance.'

Benjamin and Enola are among 20 pupils to be taking the two-week trip to Thailand on June 28.

On March 4 Benjamin, 16, and Enola, 17, visited Wayland Academy to give a presentation about their adventure and about Gordonstoun to current pupils.

They also held a non-uniform day at the school which raised around £520 towards their trip.

Glen Allott, principal at Wayland Academy, said: 'It was a great way to open students' eyes to opportunities outside Watton.

'It is good for them to see students having the opportunity to go all over the globe to do things.'

Mr Lewin said his son is raising funds at Gordonstoun by running a tuck shop, and his is also organising a pub quiz at McTaggarts in Ashill, his home village. Ms Cuffe and her daughter, who live in Saham Hills, held a dress auction and are planning to walk the 63-mile Norfolk Coastal Path in April to raise money.

She has also had support from the Mason Trust and the Breckland Youth Fund.

Ms Cuffe said she has been 'humbled' by people's support and generosity.

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