Sarah Simpson selected as Labour’s Mid Norfolk candidate for general election

Sarah Simpson, the Labaour candidate for Mid Norfolk in the General Election 2017. Picture: HARRY CL

Sarah Simpson, the Labaour candidate for Mid Norfolk in the General Election 2017. Picture: HARRY CLARKE. - Credit: Archant

Sarah Simpson has been selected as Labour's candidate for the Mid Norfolk constituency to stand in this June's general election.

Ms Simpson was born in Norfolk to a forces family with links to Swanton Morley and Coltishall.

She studied at UEA in the 1990s, and is now the operations director of an engineering consultancy based in Norwich.

She said: 'My Norfolk roots have always been important to me, and so I'm particularly happy to be Labour's candidate for my home here in Mid Norfolk this June.

'Everyday in my work as an engineer, I see the issues that frustrate my friends and neighbours as a result of the cuts in funding that the Tory government has overseen.

'It's these cuts that have caused the increasing difficulty to see a doctor, or to be certain that our homes don't flood, or that new housing that we all need is put in place with the right infrastructure.

'Here in Mid Norfolk, we need a local representative that works for our best interests, in a very real way. I am known for getting things done, and I will continue to work hard to make sure that all of us who live here have everything we need to live comfortably: a good job; access to infrastructure that serves the whole community well; and excellent public services'

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Harry Clarke, Breckland district councillor, said: 'I welcome Sarah's appointment as Labour's candidate for Mid Norfolk in June's general election.

'Having seen Sarah at work, I know that if elected on June 8, she will be a terrific dynamo for the area.

'She is committed to making the area an even better place to live, and as a local MP she would be a breath of fresh air. Exactly what the area deserves.

'I'm very much looking forward to joining Sarah in the towns and villages throughout the area over the coming weeks, and supporting her as Labour's candidate.'

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