Did you see Santa in his new sleigh on your morning commute?

Santa Claus has a part-time job as a bus driver! (Photo: Vicki Sherman)

Santa Claus has a part-time job as a bus driver! (Photo: Vicki Sherman) - Credit: Archant

Santa Claus himself was pictured driving a bus into Norwich city centre this morning.

Of course the big guy has had to modernise over the years, how practical is a sleigh after all?

And with the festive seasons few and far between, it's no wonder that Father Christmas has been looking for some other way to occupy his free time.

However, little did we know that Mr. Claus has been moonlighting as a Norfolk bus driver this year.

Here he is with one of his elves travelling on the 5C Konnect bus from Thorpe St Andrew to Norwich in the morning rush hour.

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A fellow passenger said: 'Everyone was smiling and jovial as they got on the bus and were greeted by Santa. The extra effort was appreciated by everyone on board.'

What a sight to see!

Here's 21 other places you can see Santa this Christmas before he makes the big drop in time for Christmas Day.

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