Robin charms garden centre shoppers

A robin at Salhouse Garden Centre

Carlie Mace was able to take this up close shot of a robin at Salhouse Garden Centre. - Credit: Carlie Mace

The robin is a quintessential Christmas image and one shopper was lucky enough to snap it up incredibly close.

Carlie Mace, from North Walsham, was shopping at Salhouse Garden Centre when she spotted the robin watching her.

The shopper decided "try her luck" and approach the bird to take a picture and said she was surprised by how tame the robin appeared to be before capturing a video of it feeding from her hand.

The 34-year-old said: "I had gone up to get some garden bits and he was there. It was tame enough for me to get a very close picture and then it ate some seed out of my hand, it was beautiful.

"A couple of customers watched me feed him. For a while he had been watching me and following me around. I thought I would see how close I could get and whether he would feed.

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"Staff have been feeding him for a few weeks and he seems to be quite happy there. Some of the workers have called him Peter and that seemed to have stuck.

"It was like Snow White."

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