Salhouse boy’s sponsored bike ride ‘thank you’ for Mundesley cliff rescue

Christon Sharpe and Jackson Groom on their sponsored bike ride for the Coastguard Association

Christon Sharpe and Jackson Groom on their sponsored bike ride for the Coastguard Association - Credit: Archant

A youngster has paid tribute to the coastguard team which helped rescue him and his step-father after they became trapped on a north Norfolk cliff.

Jackson Groom, 11, from Salhouse took part in a sponsored bike ride to raise funds for the Coastguard Association welfare group as a thank you.

Jackson, his mother, Claire, and step-father Glenn Ridley, had been walking their dog along Mundesley beach.

Part of their usual route back up a cliff had been washed away, so they tried a different one towards Bacton gas terminal.

But when Jackson was 20ft from the top of the 60ft cliff he slipped.

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Mrs Groom said: 'He only slipped a few inches, but got frightened. Glenn went to him but Jackson was frozen with fear.'

She phoned 999 for the emergency services.

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Happisburgh and Mundesley Coastguard team came to the scene. One of the team, Duncan Moore, secured himself and went to the cliff edge to talk to Jackson and his step-dad while they waited for a rescue helicopter from RAF Wattisham to arrive on the scene.

Mr Moore said: 'I could see that he was really quite scared so I was just trying to reassure him and let him know the helicopter was en-route. When he knew that he did seem to relax a bit.'

The helicopter winched the pair to safety after a rescue operation taking just over an hour back in April.

Accompanying Jackson on the bike ride from Salhouse to Ranworth and back, which was a total of 10.3 miles and a riding time of one hour and one minute, was one of the coastguard team from Happisburgh, Christon Sharpe .

Mr Sharpe said: 'I couldn't thank Jackson and his family enough for what they have just completed. I had explained how the Coastguard Association makes a difference and how he would be helping someone who would need it.'

It is hoped the ride will raise more than £300 through the support of family and friends.

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