Saham Toney councillors press for meeting with Angian Water to end flooding worries

Flooding in Saham Toney. Courtesy of Nick Creek.

Flooding in Saham Toney. Courtesy of Nick Creek. - Credit: Archant

Villagers who saw their lanes become rivers during recent heavy rain are hoping to meet with Anglian Water to find a solution to their recurring problems.

A number of roads in Saham Toney were submerged on June 23 and 24 as drains overflowed and run-off ditches were overwhelmed.

Around 15 houses were flooded, with Pages Lane, Chequers Lane and Hills Road particularly affected.

At a parish council meeting on July 4, attended by several residents, councillors resolved to arrange a meeting with Anglian Water, which is responsible for maintaining the sewerage systems, in order to solve the flooding problems.

Parish council chairman Brian Hinkins said: 'There were a lot of people at the meeting who had concerns about the flooding, some of whom were involved with the flooding in June.

'There was some strong feeling there and we felt something had to be done.

'We have requested a meeting to look at our basic drainage infrastructure.'

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Mr Hinkins said the parish council had requested a meeting with Anglian Water representatives to assess the situation with foul and surface water drainage, particularly in areas prone to flooding.

'These are not only low-lying areas, these are vulnerable areas which we have to look at. They will stay vulnerable unless we get this sorted out,' he said.

John Simmons, of Pages Lane, said his property was so badly flooded that his family had to arrange alternative accommodation in Hingham.

'The flooding as far as I am concerned is a recurring problem that the county council know about, but they have done nothing about it and we are suffering the consequences of their inaction,' he said.

Residents fear a approved planning application for 73 homes near the parish's settlement boundary will compound the problems.

Mr Simmons also raised concerns about an application for 10 properties off Chequers Lane.

Cliff Jordan, Norfolk County Council leader, is expected to ask a question about the maintenance of the village's drains and ditches at the next full council meeting.

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