‘Sad day for Stalham’ as town’s oldest store announces closure

Stalham Radio director Peter Marko to announce he is to shut up shop.

Stalham Radio director Peter Marko to announce he is to shut up shop.

Brexit has been blamed for the closure electrical appliancies shop Stalham Radio which has been serving customers since 1949.

Brexit has been blamed for the impending closure of one of the oldest stores in Norfolk.

Electrical appliancies shop Stalham Radio has been serving customers from its store in the town's High Street since 1949.

It began repairing wireless sets and selling transistor radios before switching over to smart TVs and washing machines that can be activated by phone.

However, a downturn in trade in the lead up to the EU referendum and uncertainty over the future following Britain's decision to vote leave has persuaded Stalham Radio director Peter Marko to announce he is to shut up shop.

Mr Marko, 66, who described the closure as 'a sad day for Stalham' to lose its oldest surviving retailer, said: 'Trading leading up to the referendum was slow and since the referendum has been slower. At my age, with a large garden, rental properties and wanting to write more books, the attraction of sitting around in the shop has waned considerably.'

The businessman revealed the closure is believed to be the tenth Euronics store to close in East Anglia in just three years. And he pointed out it followed on from the withdrawal of the banks, Barclays and NatWest, from the town, which has been blamed for a drop in the number of visitors to the area.

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Mr Marko said: 'Stalham Radio will be starting a sale that will feature products at up to 50pc off. The plan is when that the stock has gone Stalham Radio will close its doors for the last time.

'I would like to thank all the customers who have been loyal to the company over the years and wish them all the best for the future. I extend my thanks to Boris the buffoon, Gove the loon and Nigel no mates for helping me to make the decision.'

Stalham Town Council revealed remaining businesses are discussing plans to set up a new traders association. And it has offered its support.

It follows concerns over plans to demolish five town centre businesses to make way for a new housing development which is now in doubt after North Norfolk District Council's development committee moved to defer plans.

Councillor Pauline Grove-Jones, who represents the Stalham on the local authority, said: 'More needs to be done to protect our town centres.

'How will communities survive if they lose a large proportion of their servies? Trade has declined. We have already lost the banks which brought people into town to do their business and made a tremendous difference.

'We're also going to lose our police station and we have the continuing saga of the garage site.'

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