Rubbish is dumped in Thetford

The dumped rubbish. Picture by: Sue MacDonald

The dumped rubbish. Picture by: Sue MacDonald - Credit: Sue MacDonald

Bags of rubbish have been found dumped in Thetford.

On Saturday morning the waste was found in Spring Walk by the footbridge leading to the ex-servicemen's club.

It led to a couple removing the rubbish themselves and reporting the incident to Breckland Council.

Sue McDonald said: 'My husband Mac and myself did the clear up together. We are just local residents who can't bear mindless littering/fly tipping anywhere in our lovely town.'

Jane Bishop, Breckland councillor for Thetford Priory who campaigns to remove litter and dumped rubbish from the town, said: 'It will continue until there is a suitable punishment. People dump rubbish as they know they can get away with it.'