RSPCA figures show number of pets abandoned in Norfolk and Suffolk

The RSPCA said there was a spike in the number of animals being abandoned in summer.

The RSPCA said there was a spike in the number of animals being abandoned in summer. - Credit: Archant

Pets are most likely to be dumped in the summer time with dozens abandoned in Norfolk and Suffolk each year, RSPCA figures show.

Officers had to collect 85 abandoned animals in Norfolk last year, 61 in Suffolk and 141 in Cambridgeshire.

Every year the RSPCA is called out to rescue hundreds of animals across England and Wales after their owners abandon them and in many cases leave them for dead.

Bosses for the animal welfare charity said there tended to be a peak in admissions in July, and officers were preparing for another summertime influx of dumped animals.

It is thought one contributing factor of people dumping their animals in the summer months is down to some owners heading off on holiday and not finding anyone to look after their pet while they are away.

RSPCA Supt Simon Osborne said: 'People often think that Christmas is the time we see the most abandoned animals - but it is actually the summer.

'In the summer months the number of dumped animals we rescue spikes up in number - with one animal being collected every hour on average nationally.

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'Every day our inspectors face cases where animals have been left abandoned in fields, dumped in boxes, left for dead at the side of roads and even left outside our animal centres and hospitals.

'It is just heartbreaking.'

He said there could be several reasons for this, including the novelty of a Christmas gift wearing off and longer daylight hours leading to more discoveries.

He urged people to research an animal before buying one, to make sure it will suit their lifestyle and that they will be able to provide for it for the entirety of its life - however long that may be.

People are urged to make arrangements with friends or family, a pet sitter or a licensed boarding establishment if they are planning to go on holiday without their pets.

The RSPCA is a charity and relies on public donations to exist.


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