Can you spare some salt? Animal charity’s urgent appeal to help injured seal pups 

Staff at RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Centre have created a modified wallpaper stripper to offer relief

Staff at RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Centre have created a modified wallpaper stripper to offer relief to seal pups with breathing problems. Picture: RSPCA - Credit: Archant

An animal charity is urgently appealing for donations of salt after revealing it was “going through bags like no other” to treat seal pups. 

It comes following an announcement on the RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Centre’s social media channels. 

In a post shared with its followers, the Norfolk-based charity near King’s Lynn said it is currently helping 45 grey and common pups who were found hurt, with eight needing daily salt baths. 

While five had dog bites on their flippers, including one reported to have "severe wounds", another four had been found with eye injuries. 

Due to this, the charity is going through up to nine bags of salt every day, costing around £15 each, and has appealed for donations of a specific type of salt via an Amazon Wishlist link. 

Norfolk orphaned seal takes trip to France

Salsa, an orphaned seal that was cared for by RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Centre last year, has been spotted enjoying a trip to a French beach over 200 miles away - Credit: Jean-Luc Bourgain

Dozens of people have already rallied around and responded to the call for help, with many taking to Facebook and Twitter to share the shout out. 

Centre manager Evangelos Achilleos, said: “We appreciate all the support given to us by the community and we thank everyone who has helped us.” 

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The centre also hit headlines recently when one of its orphaned male seal pups that was rescued and nursed back to health, was spotted hundreds of miles away on a French beach. 

The mammal, named Salsa, was released into The Wash last October, after spending four months at the centre. 

Photographer, Jean-Luc Bourgain, saw him in Boulogne-Sur-Mer harbour and contacted the charity to let it know Salsa was doing well after he researched the tag number. 

The animals are a common sight on Norfolk’s coastline. 

Norfolk orphaned seal takes trip to France

Salsa, who was described as "cheeky" by Mr Achilleous, RSPCA East Winch centre manager, can be spotted here close to the water's edge amongst a group of males - Credit: Jean-Luc Bourgain

The wildlife rehabilitation centre, based on Gayton Road, continues to be busy all year round and cares for over 4,000 patients each year.  

It admitted its first pups of 2022 earlier this month, including one named Jasper John, who was found with multiple bite wounds suspected to be from a dog attack.  

The centre also had a number of other items listed on its Amazon Wishlist, which all go towards supporting the charity all year round. 

For more information about the charity visit or to donate via the Amazon Wishlist visit