RSPCA Centre’s donation appeal for poorly hedgehogs

Hedgehogs at the RSPCA Centre in East Winch

Hedgehogs at the RSPCA Centre in East Winch - Credit: Archant

The RSPCA wildlife centre in East Winch near King's Lynn has 111 hedgehogs in its care that should be hibernating, and is appealing for donations to support them.

The centre in Station Road is getting through 75 tins of adult dog food a day to feed the recovering hogs.

Many taken in are severely underweight and were found searching for food. When they first arrive, they are checked over by a vet and placed in special boxes to keep warm and dry. They are then nourished with two feeds a day.

Sue Levings, based at the centre, said: 'We are running low on towels and face cloths used to keep the hogs warm and comfortable.'

In 2015, a total of 958 hedgehogs were admitted for care. The animals need to weigh around 450g to survive hibernation and a more recent arrived was just 257g - almost 200g underweight.

They are fed a combination of puppy food and adult dog food when in intensive care to help build them back up again.

•Visit the centre's Amazon Wish List for the full details of items needed.

•Members of the public who find a hedgehog can take it to RSPCA East Winch between 8am and 10pm daily.