‘She’s trying to provide normality for her children’: Locals react to Kate Middleton Christmas shopping at The Range

The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted shopping in The Range in Kings Lynn on Sunday. Picture: Ian Bur

The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted shopping in The Range in Kings Lynn on Sunday. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted shopping in The Range in King's Lynn on Sunday. Here's what some of our readers had to say about the sighting.

The Royal family have a tradition of staying at the Sandringham estate over Christmas, so they are certainly no strangers to the county.

However, some people expressed pleasant surprise at what they felt was a very down to earth approach by Kate Middleton in taking her children to King's Lynn store The Range while she was in the area.

On Facebook, Carla Taylor said: 'I think this is fantastic. She's trying to provide some normality for her children, well done Kate.'

Sophie Butler Brimblecombe expressed a similar sentiment, commenting: 'Such a realist. Love the Royal Family don't care what anyone says.'

Ann Smithson said: 'How lovely…and I hope they were left alone to do their Christmas shopping in peace.'

While Beshie Clarke simply remarked: 'Good for her.'

However, not everyone was pleased to see the media coverage of Kate's shopping choices.

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Faye Peacock said: 'Have to say, it's normal to see Kate with her children in Norfolk, why can't people let them go about their business in peace?'

Vivienne Bishop echoed the comment, adding: 'And why shouldn't she shop at The Range?'

Laz Damon said: 'They're only human.'

Maxine Brown commented: 'Let's just hope people leave them alone to get a bit of normal life in Norfolk.'

The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted doing her shopping by teacher Sarah Daniels, who told the Daily Mail: 'As I was looking at the shelves I noticed a tall dark-haired lady further down the aisle and thought to myself 'I recognise that face'.

'Then I heard George say 'Charlotte, pick that up' and the penny suddenly dropped as to who they were. It seemed like a lovely family outing for them the day before Christmas Eve.'

Mrs Daniels said at one point Princess Charlotte had sat down on the floor, while Prince George had asked to buy some slime - a toy popular with children.

And when she left there was a fleet of Range Rovers outside.

She added: 'We are used to all the pomp and ceremony that goes with the Royal Family but it was great to see Kate shopping with her children in the kind of discount store the rest of us use.'

It was reported the Duchess had bought so much her security staff had to fetch extra trolleys.

The Queen arrived in the county on Thursday and will be joined by many members of the Royal family for Christmas.

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