Row over singers at the Golden Fleece in Wells

Steve Brundle at the Golden Fleece in Wells. Picture: Matthew Usher.

Steve Brundle at the Golden Fleece in Wells. Picture: Matthew Usher. - Credit: Matthew Usher

Live singing on a pub balcony is hitting the wrong note with neighbours.

They claim music from the Golden Fleece, which overlooks Wells Quay, ruins the tranquillity of the harbour.

North Norfolk council said there was 'insufficient evidence from residents' to take action, when it received complaints about the pub last year.

Now town councillors have been told there have been a fresh flood of complaints about a singer performing at the 'Fleece on Easter Sunday.

Peter Rainsford, who lives near the pub, spoke during the public forum at this week's town council meeting.

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'There have been two occasions when it's been absolutely dreadful,' he said. 'One was on Easter Sunday from lunchtime until late afternoon. I believe there's quite a groundswell in our area to sort this out.'

Ton Brouwer, owner of the Alabtros, a floating bar and restaurant moored in the harbour near the pub, said customers were leaving his vessel because of the noise.

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He added more than 20 had signed a petition against the music, which 'detracts from the peace and quality of Wells and the marshes'.

Councillor Gary Anthony said: 'Several people have complained to me about it. I find it inappropriate, it's affecting the whole quayside.'

Fleece landlord Steve Brundle said: 'I'm working with the local council and Ton from the Albatros to try to get it resolved and I'd really like a happy outcome.'

Noise complaints about licensed premises are the responsibility of North Norfolk council's environmental health department.

Earlier this year, the council took action over noise and anti-social behaviour from the Captain's Table, in nearby Freeman Street, which was ordered to install sound-proofing.

District councillor Vince Fitzpatrick, who was at the town council meeting, said he would follow up residents' concerns about noise from the Golden Fleece.

Writing to Mr Rainsford earlier this year, environmental health officials said: 'From a licensing perspective, the Golden Fleece is not in breach of any of its premise license conditions.

'Complaints from members of the public about statutory noise nuisance (under the Environmental Protection Act 1990) have been investigated but there has been insufficient evidence from local residents to take further action.'

Yesterday, Mr Rainsford said: 'The issue is because he's playing it in the outside space, he's denying people the opportunity to listen to the outside space. He could play it to the inside space and let people come in to listen to it.'

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