Routemaster bus provides nostalgic centerpiece to celebrations in Carbrooke, near Watton

An old Routemaster bus provided a nostalgic centrepiece at one village's jubilee celebrations, as well as a moving rain shelter on wheels.

Organisers of the party at Carbrooke, near Watton, originally hired the 1966-vintage vehicle from local company Coach Services to help ferry residents from four estates scattered around the parish to the village hall.

But parish council chairman Debbie Muller said: 'Because it poured with rain all the time some people used it as a trip. Most of the children have not been on an old Routemaster bus. I heard there was even some singing on it.'

She said the celebrations attracted about 100 people during the course of Sunday afternoon, with a display by the newly-formed historical group in the hall proving particularly popular.

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