Rodney the giant Clippesby snowman

A snowman as tall as a house has been built by three generations of a Clippesby family.

Grandfather Dale Lawrence, 54, said he set to work building the towering creation as soon as he woke up to find his garden coated with snow on Sunday morning.

The railway contractor's sons leant him a hand, bringing wheelbarrows full of snow, when they came over for dinner.

And after eight hours of hard graft, the snowman - who they have called Rodney - is the talk of the village.

'It puts a smile on people's faces,' said Dale. 'We found a traffic cone for a hat and nice big apples for its eyes.

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'Everybody's talking about it.'

It is not the first time the Lawrence family have built a giant snowman, and they have perfected their construction technique.

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'You've got to make a nice solid base and pack it as tight as you can,' explained Dale. 'The arms are branches covered with snow.'

He had to use a ladder to add the finishing touches to Rodney's face, and he said that the snow was a welcome surprise - especially to his two young granddaughters.

'We didn't think there was going to be much of a winter, but when the snow came we just started to build,' he said.

The snowman is beside Heath Road, between Potter Heigham and Clippesby.

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