Roadworks in Repps with Bastwick due to ongoing £2.5m sewer upgrade

Repps with Bastwick Vilage sign

Repps with Bastwick Vilage sign - Credit: Archant © 2004

More than 100 properties are being connected to the main sewerage network in Repps with Bastwick, following a £2.5m investment.

It comes after issues were raised in the village by locals on Low Road, who regularly had to cash out to empty their septic tanks, which they used to dispose of their sewage.

The upgrade is to be completed by Anglian Water, and roadworks are expected to run in the village until at least March as the project is carried out.

Alison McTaggert, chairman of Repps with Bastwick Parish Council said: 'It has been an ongoing agony for people in our village for quite a while now.

'Problems were first raised by residents on Low Road who were having to empty their septic tanks quite regularly and that would cost them about £85 a pop.

'There have been some new homes introduced over the years which have exasperated the problem. But now the work will mean that the central part of the village should now be connected to the network and hopefully that will sort some of the problems out.'

An Anglian Water spokesman said that it will mean the properties are connecting to the mains sewerage network for the first time.

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The full scheme will be completed by Spring next year.

The spokesman said: 'This is a really positive project for local residents who will soon be able to connect to mains sewerage meaning they will no longer need to use septic tanks to dispose of their sewage.

'We've been in touch with residents and local businesses throughout the planning of this scheme to let them know what we are planning and why, as well as letting them know what to expect while work is underway.

'The scheme is one of a number happening between now and the end of the decade, and will see Anglian Water invest £70 million over that time in other mains sewer schemes.'

The roadworks are taking place on the junction of Tower Road to the junction of Mill Road.

There are two way traffic control signals in place and this is likely to last until March 2, 2017.

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