Two fishermen were rescued off north Norfolk coast

The newly-constructed ramp at Wells-next-the-Sea.

The newly-constructed ramp at Wells-next-the-Sea. - Credit: RNLI

A fishing vessel had to come to the aid of two colleagues from another boat.

Two fishermen, who had suffered breathing difficulties out at sea, were moved onboard another fishing vessel before the RNLI Wells lifeboat came to the rescue on Friday.

One of the fishermen had contacted the other local fishing boat by mobile phone to raise the alarm that they were feeling unwell and requested immediate assistance.

The fishing vessel was close by and transferred the two casualties onboard and away from the powerless boat.

In near-still sea conditions, they took the boat undertow and began to head back towards Wells.

After being informed by HM Coastguard, an RNLI Wells lifeboat assisted the fishing vessel and arrived alongside at 9.02am where it transferred the casualties onboard.

While the lifeboat crew determined the fishermen's condition wasn't serious, they were taken to hospital to ensure they did not have any lasting effects.