Warning to dog walkers as cattle suffer disease causing abortion

Stock photo of a cow. Picture: Chris Hill

Stock photo of a cow. Picture: Chris Hill - Credit: Chris Hill

A farmer has put up a notice urging walkers to protect his cattle after blood tests revealed they were suffering from a disease which causes abortions in animals.

The sign was erected at the River Wensum footpath through Castle and Park Farm, near Swanton Morley, after routine blood-testing revealed some of the cattle, which grazes on the marshes there, are suffering from Neospora.

The notice reads: "This is a protozoan parasite, transmitted by dogs which causes abortion in cattle. The disease is incurable meaning that infected cows have to be slaughtered.

"Infection occurs when cows eat grass which has been contaminated by faeces of dogs carrying the parasite.

"The disease does not affect the health of humans."

It asks for people to protect cattle there by keeping dogs on a lead at all times whilst on the farm and cleaning up after their dogs and taking poo home.

It added failure to comply may mean the footpath will have to be closed.